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He didn’t know it at the time, but Paul Rosenberg hit a milestone on the road to writing his Real Nutrition book nearly 20 years ago. The Las Vegas-based certified personal trainer had an epiphany when he failed to help a client lose weight in 2002.

In those days, the certified personal trainer would simply ask clients to record their food intake for two weeks, and then he’d advise them individually on how to improve their diets. “But one client didn’t lose any weight, and she got very upset at me,” Rosenberg says. “I realized that I actually needed a program for people to follow; I couldn’t randomly go about this process anymore.”

Fast-forward to 2021, and Rosenberg is celebrating the 9-year-anniversary of his fitness company Real Results with the relaunch of his popular 12-week Real Nutrition challenge and the publishing of a book of the same name.

Real Nutrition is a cumulation of Rosenberg’s life’s work—at least thus far. The book presents the most updated iteration of his meal plan, which has been refined over the years as he has trained literally thousands of clients. The book is written with input from Real Results lead coach Michael Hayden, who has a Precision Nutrition certification.

“The meal plan in the book has been in development for my entire career,” Rosenberg says. “The principles in the book are largely based on philosophies that I’ve developed and that have evolved over the last 30 years with all the different books and programs that I’ve tried.”


By closing all gyms for three months, the pandemic knocked Rosenberg out of his busy routine and gave him time to reassess. “It just challenged me to get into a real creative mode to keep my business alive,” he says. “I just started hustling again.”

Last year’s restrictions also led Real Results to expand into virtual training. It introduced the Las Vegas-based company to a global audience. Clients can do fitness and nutrition training from anywhere.

With extra time on their hands, Hayden suggested relaunching the 12-week nutrition program. “That one little spark of an idea [sent me] into a real creative frenzy,” says Rosenberg, who rewrote the nutrition plan, making it sleeker and more organized. He hired Las Vegas-based graphic designer Cierra Pedro, who gave it a clean, energetic look.

“This is, I feel, the best version of the program ever,” Rosenberg says.


The diet is meant to be straightforward and simple. “Unlike other meal plans, this is not a diet where you’re depriving yourself of calories or depriving yourself of certain macronutrients,” Rosenberg says. “It’s about finding the right food combination that works for your particular body.”

Real Nutrition breaks down food choices into a simple numerical formula that can be tweaked to best match individual needs. A typical daily meal program might be listed as “5/3/5/2,” which represents five servings of protein, three servings of carbohydrates, five servings of vegetables and two servings of fat.

The book details servings sizes and types of food to eat within each category. Those suggested foods are generally high in fiber and low in sugar, to prevent unhealthy blood sugar spikes. The plan eschews dairy and discourages alcohol, and it can be easily modified for vegans and vegetarians.

“I know that the program is legitimate, and it’s proven to work time and time again with thousands of clients,” Rosenberg says. “I’ve just got so much proof that the program is easy and sustainable, and it works if people follow it and commit to it.”

This is the first time consumers can purchase the book without going in for the full 12-week program. It allows people to try Real Nutrition at an entry-level price point. “Obviously, someone could do the book on their own and do extremely well,” Rosenberg says. “But if someone finds they need more help, they could do the 12-week program. Or they could just [schedule] a one-time nutrition consultation.”


What began as a scrappy gym in a converted Downtown garage today encompasses a variety of fitness services, both in person and virtual. The Real Nutrition book and 12-week program help people lose weight through healthy eating. Small group and individual fitness training is offered virtually or at the main gym on 1201 S. Commerce Street. There’s a Real Results gym in the Plaza Hotel, which Rosenberg hopes will reopen soon. The fitness company also serves corporate wellness clients such as Zappos. The fit-curious can also schedule fitness and movement assessments.

Real Nutrition Book $35 for a digital download, $40 for a hard copy.

Real Results Gym 1201 S Commerce St., 702-331-3172,

Real Results 12-week program $480 for 12 weeks, which includes Real Nutrition book and seminar, a digital food log with real-time feedback, weekly coaching meetings on Zoom, recipe database, private social media group and more.

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