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How fit are you? Find out with a fitness and movement assessment.

A REAL RESULTS coach will check your posture, ease and range of movement, flexibility, balance and more. Your weight and body fat percentage will be noted, along with data such as your heart rate and blood pressure.

This is a necessary first step before starting any exercise program. You and your coach will know what you’re capable of doing safely. You’ll be able to set realistic goals. An initial assessment will let you establish a baseline, and quarterly updates will quantify your improvement.

Your coach will decide if you’re ready for small-group training based on the results of your assessment.

Some clients need one-on-one sessions to address specific movement or fitness issues.

REAL RESULTS requires fitness and movement assessments for all new clients.

Assessments are performed both virtually and in person.
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    In mid-March 2020 I began 1 on 1 virtual training due to the global pandemic and resulting shutdown of most public places and gyms in Nevada. Prior to March, I trained in-person at Real Results for two years. At first I was apprehensive about virtual training, but I quickly became a fan. My coach develops challenging customized workouts and has taken my fitness to a new level. He observes my every move, corrects my form when needed, and provides motivation to get me through the roughest part of my workouts.

    Training in the comfort of my own home is convenient and efficient. I work full-time and my time is limited. My coach is able to train me at a time that works for me and we can train at any time of day or night. Working out virtually saves me time on commuting and fuel costs. I’m in my mid 40’s and in the best shape of my life. Real Results helped me lose 50 lbs and improve my endurance, muscle tone, cholesterol levels, and even sleep patterns. I highly recommend Real Results virtual training!

    Maria Azzarelli45 / Las Vegas NV Manager, Southern Nevada Health District - Office of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

    Rotor training eliminates any commute time and I like that I can take a shower from my home after the workout. Consistency was my main problem before I found virtual training. It is hard for me to motivate myself but REAL RESULTS coaches hold me accountable and now I’m very consistent, I never miss my workouts. I love that there’s a coach on the other side of the camera pushing me, telling me what to do and watching my form. It blows my mind that I can get an incredible workout in my living room!

    I am so thankful for Real Results! Since I started with them I am now down 46 pounds, in far better cardio shape than ever before and my waist size went from 34 to 29. Next up is a 6 pack, can’t wait!

    Conor Fathe-Aazam29 / Las Vegas, NV Graphic Artist

    I have been a dedicated Real Results member since 2013. I currently train at Real Results 3 times a week using the small group training (SGX) format. I'm 51 years old and I'm in the best shape of my life. My coaches Real Results challenge me each day and encourage me to evolve on my fitness journey. Not only has Real Results improved my physical health, but it has also been a great avenue to release the daily stress that builds up in my role as a small business owner. I have recommended Real Results to family and friends and they have all seen great benefits. Throughout the years my training has never been monotonous and I am eager to face a new challenge with each session. I have developed great friendships at Real Results and would encourage others to see for themselves and they won’t be disappointed.

    Juan Gamboa51 / Las Vegas, NV Owner J and M Auto Inc.

    Due to Covid I have 2 kids always at home so being able to workout from home has been so convenient and helpful which keeps me motivated. Virtual isn’t just a workout for me, it’s a way of life that helps me stay mindful of what I am eating while I am spending so much time at home.

    The live classes are what make all the difference for me. I love that the workouts are structured and guide me to properly execute different exercises. The Coaches always help make adjustments and modifications.

    Virtual is how I stay connected in what has become the new normal and socially distanced world. I am a very social person so the live face to face interactions with the Coach and the other participants provide me with personal interaction that helps me stay motivated, and gives me a sense of community. Real Results has been a godsend during Covid. I like it so much that even when things return to normal I see myself continuing Real Results Virtual workouts.

    Amanda Ruggiero Ashworth35 / Cleveland, OH Stay at home mom