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It’s your relationship with your coach that makes REAL NUTRITION so effective. Your coach monitors your food and cardiovascular exercise logs weekly, so you’re less tempted to cheat or miss a workout. Your coach helps you stay on track and customizes your program for maximum results.

Simple, sustainable changes

A better and healthier you. For life. That’s the proper result of an effective fat loss and fitness plan. And it’s within your reach — with REAL NUTRITION ®.

This 12-week program encourages you to make simple, sustainable changes to the way you eat and how you think about food. Changes that have been proven to work for many REAL RESULTS® clients just like you.

No counting calories or restrictive diets. Just commonsense advice about eating healthy foods, avoiding overeating, and when and how often you should eat. Plus you coach will advise you on what is the best cardiovascular exercise for you to burn fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness.


  • REAL NUTRITION Virtual Seminar
  • 12 / 1x Week / 30 min. LIVE Virtual coaching sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach
  • A copy of the REAL NUTRITION BOOK that’s responsible for every before + after featured
  • Review/feedback of your daily online Food Log / cardiovascular workouts with a Certified Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach
  • Enrollment in exclusive REAL NUTRITION online community
  • Access to REAL NUTRITION database of approved recipes

*Small Group Training (SGX) and 1 on 1 Personal Training either in person or virtual are additional add-on features.

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These people accepted the 12-week challenge. Yeah, they crushed it.


Get the book that has changed thousands of lives…and bodies. Our REAL NUTRITION™ method is the simplest most effective meal program you will find for losing body fat, trimming your waistline and obtaining optimal health.

Eating healthy does not need to be complicated. Learn about the Three Rules.

1) What to eat.
2) How much to eat.
3) How often to eat.

Delicious recipes. Time management strategies. Set – S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Proven results from over 2,500 REAL RESULTS clients. Stop procrastinating. For good.

We call our nutritional guidelines the Three Rules. They cover, in a very easy-to-follow way: What to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. Combine those rules with a specific list of foods to follow and your success is sure to come.

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My friend who did the Real Nutrition program kept encouraging me to check it out. So after a month I finally did. After talking with a coach at Real Results my wife and I committed to the 12 week program. We had a goal in mind of what we wanted to reach during that time. It was tough and we had to change our diets, set goals and stay accountable.
Our coach was positive and always checking our food logs to make sure we were on track with our goals. We were committed; we went 3 days a week at 6:00 am without fail. We also did our extra cardio on the off days. We had good days and bad days, but always strived to be better after a bad day. The results were real and I am so glad that I was able to overcome my fears and do it anyway.
I now know what I have to do to maintain this new life goal and I could not have done it without Real Nutrition and the Real Results Fitness team. I am now a firm believer in the food prep process Real Nutrition recommends. Every week I prepare my meals and it has saved my life.

Marc Floyd

Before Real Results I have never had a Coach actually care so much about me, my health and my overall well-being. Struggling with my weight and commitment, My Coach hasn't given up on me. That means so much because it's hard to care for others when they don't care for themselves. My Coach has never stopped caring. He puts in an extended amount of time with me beyond the workouts to keep me accountable and motivated - truly meeting me where I am. And because of that, I have regained my strength and mind to care about my health and fitness.

He pushes me beyond my comfort zone and makes me stretch my limits. The real results start in the mind and the body follows, and he understands that. And throughout my time with Real Results, all of the Coaches have carried this same energy, passion and compassion for those of us struggling. It feels like a family and I'm thankful for that...a family that wants the best for me, supports me through it and pushes me to it.

Dinisha Mingo32 / Las Vegas CEO - Mingo Health Solutions

I am loving Real Results Virtual! The dedicated personal time with my Real Results Coach is priceless. His ability to hold me accountable and on track with a very firm, yet supportive energy is his super power. I was way too busy and way too distracted by the realities of Covid-19 to have a traditional gym hold the space I needed for success. I really enjoy the powerful workout sessions. They are customized to my body and my goals. I know it will always start right on time and end right on time. That aspect of the Virtual Gym is a big enough value to choose in. I look forward to continuing with the Real Results Team for….real results!

Kristi Overgaard54 / Reno, NV President of ONIYA, Well-Being Retreats and Equine Healing

It’s tough getting old. I had 2 heart attacks in my 50’s and my weight had climbed to 220#. My health was miserable and I looked horrible. I started working out at RR in June of 2013. By the time my 60th Birthday came around in January 2014, I was 180# and keeping up with the young people in the workouts. I felt 40 again! I kept it up and kept my weight in check for almost 7 years now.

When Covid hit I switched to virtual training. The system works perfectly. I know I have to be dressed and warmed up and that the trainer is going to call at the exact time. But I don’t have to drive, or worry about being around others. It’s easy to blow off a class, but I dare not miss an appointment. I really look forward to having the undivided attention of my Coach, and find that my workouts are efficient and fun.

Jack Levine66 / Las Vegas, NV Very Vintage Vegas Realty - Owner