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REAL RESULTS Virtual Training is new to most people. But don’t think for a second that it is not a fantastic workout.

You will find that it is just as challenging, just as engaging and just as personable as going to the gym and with your Personal Trainer or Coach.

At the gym your Coach watches you. Virtual Training is the same thing. As a result your coach pushes your, monitors your form and leads you through the entire workout. Add in a pair of Bluetooth Wireless headphones and now along with high-energy music, your coach is right along with you in your ear.

Workout from the convenience of your home, office, or hotel room. And all you need is a laptop, tablet or even your cell phone. Add in the equivalent of a 10-20 pound weight which could be a dumbbell, Kettlebell or even a laundry detergent container and you are in for a great workout!

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    I’ve been doing Real Results Virtual classes for 4 months after I decided to change my life and get into shape with a diet and exercise program. As a busy mom of two young kids and the ongoing pandemic, virtual classes are a no brainer for me. My Coaches design each workout with the equipment I have at home. I never thought I could get such a great workout with little to no equipment. Throughout the session, they teach me proper form/technique and modify accordingly. If things ever become too comfortable, the Coaches push me even more.

    Knowing that a Coach is watching me makes it difficult for me to slack off. I have committed to three sessions a week and the coaches hold me to that commitment. They call or text to make sure something is scheduled. Over the past months, I am able to work out for longer than I could previously and I am using heavier weights than before. The virtual classes have become a welcome constant amongst the chaos of everyday life.

    Tara Boshnack O’Neill37 / Roslyn, NY Dentist

    I stumbled upon REAL RESULTS when my sister who lives 500+ miles away asked me to join a virtual session with her. I said I would join one class only because I was not convinced I would like it. To my surprise, it is EXACTLY what I needed. Along with being able to connect with my sister, I am able to fit multiple classes a week into my schedule due to the variety of times the sessions are available.

    The Coaches make the experience feel as if they are standing in the room next to me by motivating each person individually. The sessions are appropriate for people no matter where they are on their fitness journey as they offer options for those that are beginners as well as advanced. Honestly, the Coaches really care about each person and I feel more accountable to show up to the virtual sessions than I do making it to the gym.

    Natale Chriss42 / Alameda, CA Director, Product Operations SiriusXM/Pandora

    REAL RESULTS isn’t just the name of the company, it’s your destiny if you put in the commitment. REAL RESULTS got me in the best shape of my life. I went from your typical middle aged guy who had put on twenty pounds, to six pack abs and muscles popping out of my shirt. Now you can get these results without leaving your house! REAL RESULTS virtual training is just as intense as in person, just as challenging and the workouts are never the same. Every workout will leave you drenched in sweat and proud of the hard work you just put in. If you truly want REAL RESULTS, then join REAL RESULTS!

    Dave Hall48 / Las Vegas, NV News anchor FOX 5

    I'm a busy new dad with twins, working full-time and can't spare the 20-30 minutes travel time to/from the gym. I initially went to virtual workouts due to pandemic and discovered the virtual workouts with Real Results to have time savings without loss of quality, engagement and difficulty. I love the flexibility of virtual training. I have trained in hotel rooms, friend's garages, living rooms, basements, outdoors and in multiple states.
    I can also keep my eye on the kids while working out if needed.

    The best part is the accountability of attending virtual sessions and the push to perform, which I was surprised to find is not compromised with virtual sessions in comparison with in person workouts at the Real Results gym. All hopes of cheating off camera have been unsuccessful due to my vigilant Coach!

    Jeremy Sporrong MD46 / Salt Lake City, UT Family Medicine Physician