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Welcome to REAL RESULTS Fitness

REAL RESULTS was founded in 2011 in Downtown Las Vegas, with the collective mission to fuse world class training with a vibrant community atmosphere.

  • We are raw, we are edgy, and we keep it REAL.
  • We are more than just a gym where people get in shape; we are a transformation hub that will INSPIRE you to tap into your athletic potential and bring your highest expression to life.
  • We believe in the power of people.
  • All are welcome
  • All we ask is that you embody our motto Better Every Day and leave it all on the table.
  • The only thing we do guarantee is that you will leave better than you started

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Why You Belong at REAL Results

THE Best

Real Results is undoubtedly the best gym in Vegas! The atmosphere is always amazing and the coaches are always willing to help me be the best me I can be. There are motivational quotes that the staff and other gym members have written down and plenty more space for you to write one too! Come join this awesome gym!!

Sidney B.


Seriously love this gym!!!! Workouts are always hard but fun and always feel great and accomplished after leaving the gym! Coaches are all amazing and help and push you to work harder. Very motivating atmosphere!!

Gabriella S.

Best Gym in Town

Real Results is the best gym in town. It's not just a gym it's a community. I haven't met one person that's not nice. My favorite thing about this gym is that the coaches really want you to succeed not only with weight loss but in life. RR does a lot of things within the Las Vegas community.
The real 90 program gives you the tools you need to lose weight and reach any personal and business goals you've set.
This is the only gym I've joined where I'm actually getting the results I want. I highly recommend this gym. If you have a friend that comes to the gym check try a free class on First Fridays.

N. Mann

Better Everyday

Real results downtown is seriously the best gym I have ever been apart of. I love everything about this gym. From the staff to the people the members, everyone makes me feel welcome. I love how the workouts are tough but the coaches are really good at motivating me to push me past my limits. I have tried many other gyms before and nothing compares to this one. My favorite part about it, is being surrounded by motivating quotes that anyone is able to write on the walls. I love this gym and I have never seen better results physically and mentally. I truly feel "better everyday"!

Michelle L.

I'm Home

Real Results Downtown is an awesome gym! The coaches at this gym have such a high energy and know how to motivate the class in an inspirational way! The other gym members are so nice and all support each other with reaching their goals. The equipment is all maintained consistently. This gym makes workout so fun by using great music and awesome group workout formats. The workouts are challenging but rewarding! Definitely check this gym out if you are in town or looking for a new gym to call home!

Sara S.

Best in Town

A place where you will get Real Results. I love the comaraderie. You will most definitely become physically and mentally stronger. And you'll have fun doing it. Don't worry just engage and enjoy the challenge. I host a Women in the Fire Service workshop, and for the past 2 years Real Results has been a part of the physical fitness aspect.
Thank you again for all your suppprt and great advice!
Better Everyday!!!! 👊🏽

Monica M.

How We Revolutionize Your Fitness

REAL Cross Training

Our award-winning REAL Cross Training classes are designed to push your mind, body, and spirit to new heights.

REAL Cardio

Cardiovascular conditioning is fundamental to athleticism.

REAL Boxing

An Inspired accessory class REAL Boxing combines techniques of boxing and crosses training into one dynamic session. 

REAL Personal Training

One of the fastest ways to achieve your fitness goals is to work one-on-one with one of our certified coaches.

REAL Functional Movement

We'll Design a program that will realize your goals in 90 days.

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