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In order to truly embrace the REAL RESULTS core values we take daily action to practice them inside as well as outside of work. Core values make up the very fabric of our being and represent the type of person we desire to be.

Everything we do at REAL RESULTS is based off of these 5 core values. These principles turn us on as human beings to the very core of who we are and what drives us in life. These values are also the reason our clients choose to interact and continue to interact with our RR brand and why they trust us enough to promote us to the people they care about.

Consistency = Results

Leadership development for our team

Training for the busy executive

Move well first

Pursue your passions

Small group and 1- on – 1 training – Virtual specialization

12 Week Nutrition Program (Precision Nutrition based)


This is how it needs to be…all the people that we train are our extended family. How do you treat the people that you love and care about? It only makes sense that you would acknowledge them when you see them with a warm greeting and also when you part from them. They’re not just random people to us but rather a family that we genuinely care about, enjoy spending time with and truly desire to help. People pick up on this type of genuine care and want to spend time with people who care about them. They will become lifelong friends, committed to us and will tell all their friends about us – Paul

I stumbled upon REAL RESULTS when my sister who lives 500+ miles away asked me to join a virtual session with her. I said I would join one class only because I was not convinced I would like it. To my surprise, it is EXACTLY what I needed. Along with being able to connect with my sister, I am able to fit multiple classes a week into my schedule due to the variety of times the sessions are available.

Natale Chriss42 / Alameda, CA