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REAL RESULTS small-group training is varied, challenging, high-energy and fun. We offer workouts for beginning, intermediate and advanced clients.

Our onsite and online small group, 45-minute workouts are full body, cardio demanding, strength oriented with a strict attention to form and safety. They mix high-intensity interval training with bursts of cardio exercise — so there’s minimal rest between sets.

Online training is conducted via ZOOM. Sessions are 45 minutes long and occur 2-3x a week. Workouts require little to no equipment, so they’re ideal for working out at home or while traveling.

Our rate of retention is a whopping 85-90%. Our clients stick around. They love the workouts and appreciate the effort our coaches put into them both in and out of the gym to keep them consistent and accountable.

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    Being a part of the Real Results community with Virtual training is a fulfilling experience. The individualized program, the workouts, and my coaching relationship has made my fitness routine shift in the direction of achievable, motivational and actual results.

    My coach is engaging, real and supportive and holds me accountable. He pushes me in a positive way. With my busy schedule, the Virtual workouts make sense for me because I do not have the extra time associated with getting to and from a gym. They are just as engaging and difficult as an in-person class, and I look forward to my sessions.

    Real Results is unlike any workout that I have done in my life thus far. My results are dramatic, and I find myself so satisfied, that the reward makes it easy to want to stay committed and show up for sessions. Being athletic most of my life the workouts are right up my alley but made to suit anyone, and that’s what I love about it. I am super grateful that I found Real Results and made this commitment. It has been life changing!

    Shenna Dressel35 / Las Vegas, NV Hospitality - Server Holistic Health - Yoga Practitioner Intuitive Guide

    I have been with Real Results for the last three months and it’s been hands-down the best fitness ride of my life thus far! Not only are the workouts challenging and push me to my limits, but the accountability I get from their Coaches is world class. I receive multiple check-in calls a week which is something I value greatly and definitely helps keep me on track. So far I am consistently down on my weight and body fat % week over week and have increased my muscle mass. I highly recommend sitting down and reviewing their nutrition plan as it has been an immense part of my fitness success journey. Finally a program that is life changing!

    Yassine Lyboui41 / Las Vegas, NV Co-owner of Barry's Downtown Prime restaurant.

    I have been a member of Real Results for many years. The Real Results team always motivates and helps me push as hard as possible in every SGX and virtual sessions which are amazing! I get a great, engaging, and challenging workout in 45 minutes! The convenience of virtual training - whether while traveling, or during a pandemic has been great for me. The coaches are awesome at communicating and keeping me on track, accountable and consistent.

    I started doing virtual training because of the pandemic. Now, I use virtual training when I travel or if I am unable to make it to the gym that day.

    The top attributes I experience attending Virtual is I feel like I am able to push myself a little harder and for the convenience. Working out at home is very helpful especially if I wake up late or prefer staying home.

    Billy Steffens38 / Las Vegas Entrepreneur / Independent Contractor

    I’ve been working out with Real Results for three months and I can honestly say, this is the most committed I have been to working out since my collegiate basketball days.
    Four months ago, while still working full time in the middle of a pandemic, a “quick” visit to help my mom post-surgery, turned into an extended stay that transformed me into her full-time caregiver. After nearly falling apart mentally, physically and emotionally, my fiancé encouraged me to reach out to Real Results and try a Virtual workout session. I am so glad I did! Real Results helped pull me out of my rut and changed my outlook and approach to not only my physical health but all aspects of my health and wellness.
    Previous in-home workouts are monotonous and unmotivating for me. Real Results virtual training is an entirely new level. Since starting, I’ve never experienced the same workout twice. Every session the experience is a challenging and high-energy workout and I love the convenience of being able to workout wherever I am located.
    The Coaches welcome me with open arms and make me feel like family. In my unexpected situation, they’ve helped me create a home workout space with little to no equipment or more specifically, equipment on a budget.
    Most of all, the commitment to my success and the personalized touch is what sets Real Results apart. I’ve never felt like just another face in the “virtual gym”. My form is corrected or modified for my experience level and I’m lifted up, held accountable and pushed a little harder right when I need it.
    I’m re-centered because of these amazing coaches & the experience they commit to providing – And this is just the beginning!

    Jennifer Hardy41 / Gilbert, AZ Learning and Development Product Owner, State Farm