You are a business professional with little time to manage all your responsibilities. Your health is not a priority. You are overweight. You eat too much and dine out too often. You eat on the go and out of convenience. I’m sure you exercise a lot less than you ought to.

“Yeah Yeah, tell me something I don’t know…

Sounds too easy? That’s because it is. Create the results you want and need.

I would solve your problem by holding you ACCOUNTABLE to stay focused, make healthy food choices, eat moderately and exercise consistently long term. I would also provide you with a simple meal program that actually works to slim you down.

Follow the guidelines in the REAL NUTRITION program and you can:


I started to gain a significant amount of weight in my 20s. Then I became pregnant, and got up to a whopping 200 pounds. I was completely miserable. When I returned from maternity leave, I was amazed at how a work friend changed for the better with REAL NUTRITION. I called her coach the next day. REAL NUTRITION was the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever endured, but definitely the most worthwhile. I saw results. Fast. This program transforms not only your body, but also your mind. Can’t is no longer an option.

20 weeks, Amber B


sign up for real nutrition and here is what you get

  • 1 HOUR REAL NUTRITION Virtual Seminar
  • 12 / 1x Week / 30 min. LIVE Virtual coaching sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach
  • THE REAL NUTRITION BOOK that’s responsible for every before + after
  • Review/feedback of your daily online Food Log/Cardiovascular workouts w/ a Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach
  • Enrollment in exclusive REAL NUTRITION online community
  • Access to REAL NUTRITION recipe database

If you’re FINALLY ready to make REAL and lasting life changes, I encourage you to read everything below.

*Small Group Training (SGX) and 1 on 1 Personal Training either in person or virtual are additional add-on features.


REAL RESULTS Fitness founder Coach Paul here and if you know me at all, I am not the type of person to beat around the bush. I tell it like it is and if you are at a place in life where you’re ready to change your lifestyle, great let's work together.

If you're not in that head space or it's just not the right timing for you, read on anyways because you might change your mind or when the timing is right for you, I can help you prioritize and dial in your diet and exercise program.

My goal is to inspire you to establish routines in your life that are realistic, and sustainable in order to produce real changes in your health and fitness. I want to teach you eating habits that help you be healthier, happier, slimmer, more toned and athletic.

I am talking REAL RESULTS that you can accomplish in the shortest amount of time possible.

Nail down consistency and commitment to lose body fat and achieve outstanding cardiovascular fitness. I want you to not just look the way you want, I want you to be healthy, strong, fit and energetic.

The REAL NUTRITION program delivers precisely that. In my 30 years as a personal trainer and gym owner having trained thousands of people and helping them create REAL and lasting lifestyle changes, this program is by far the simplest and most effective nutrition program for eliminating body fat, feeling and looking your best and getting consistent with your eating habits and workout routine.

It was easy for me, as a business owner, to find reasons why I didn’t have time to exercise or eat right. REAL RESULTS helped me create new lifestyle habits that let me reach my fitness goals, without compromising my personal life or work commitments. For anyone seeking a positive change that will make you feel and look better and increase your energy level, I can’t think of any program better than REAL RESULTS.

8 Weeks, Nick J.


It’s true, there are countless diets and workout plans available and it can be frustrating to know who to trust or what program works. Maybe you have had a hard time finding a trustworthy plan to follow which can provide you with the HOPE and BELIEF to obtain optimal health and the body you want. A program that is easy to follow, doesn’t take a lot of time to do, and where you know that if you simply follow it, you will look better, improve your overall health and lean down.

REAL NUTRITION is a program that hundreds of people have had success with and I’m going to show you how you can have this same level of success.

Real People, Real Results.

I am not one to talk about myself but I think it would help you to know why I am presenting REAL NUTRITION to you.

When I first started my own fitness journey over 35 years ago; I was a skinny teen wanting to gain weight so I could have more confidence. I spent a handful of years trying to change my body by practicing with different diets hoping I could achieve my goal.

Working endlessly towards the goal of my ideal body, I drank weight gain shakes, took a shot of steroids (like one shot would make a difference!) stuffed myself with chicken breasts and fettuccine alfredo soaked in a heavy cream sauce. I lifted weights until I was blue in the face. But hardly anything changed for me. I grew increasingly frustrated by how little I was accomplishing. I knew that diet was the key because I was locked in on weight training.

This is when I decided to deep dive into reading every diet book I could get my hands on ranging from Atkins, Sugarbusters, Diet for a New America, The Blue Zones and Enter the Zone to name a few. The result? In the process I fell in love with fitness and nutrition and began personal training my friends and co-workers.

Shortly thereafter I started training people at a local personal training studio. I discovered my passion and found a profession I wanted to spend my life pursuing. I am proud to say that over time I learned exactly what it takes to help others eat and train correctly in order to achieve their goals.

REAL NUTRITION is such an effective program that countless people have benefitted from it.

My schedule filled up quickly with clients and they were able to significantly increase their muscle size and strength, lose body fat, lean down and look the way they always wanted to. My clients also got in outstanding cardiovascular condition.

Fitness and diet however are an ever-evolving field so I didn’t stop there…I continued to educate myself for the last 30 years and use my knowledge and passion to help countless people attain outstanding results. And as a result at the age of 49 I am just as passionate about helping people and evolving my depth of nutritional knowledge.

REAL NUTRITION is such an effective program that countless people have benefitted from it. I am humbled to contribute to so many people’s lives. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing our clients correct years of poor eating habits and get the results they have been craving for so long.

Helping people with their diet over the years has enabled me to receive quality feedback on my nutrition programs which has helped me to fully systemize my nutrition programming and improve my knowledge base. This work in progress has led to the simple yet effective REAL NUTRITION version I present to you now.

Check Out These Men Who Transformed Their Physiques by Following REAL NUTRITION.


BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Are you always looking for a quick fix, the desire to get something for nothing?

The reality is as I am sure you know, rarely if ever, does life work like that. You must earn it. FIRST you must be READY to make real and lasting changes, SECOND you must COMMIT to these changes to make them a way of life, and THIRD you must continue to be CONSISTENT and challenge yourself in order to make changes stick. Despite your feelings and despite your circumstances you must push forward.

How much easier would all that be if you had a program to follow that you absolutely knew worked? How much easier would it be if you had the confidence to get the RESULTS you want? What if you knew beyond any shadow of doubt that if you keep your word, demonstrate consistent action and follow the REAL NUTRITION Program that you will absolutely get what you want?

The 3 Steps to getting the body you want...

If you want to create optimum health and achieve a leaner fit looking body you need to consume the right foods on an ongoing basis. Knowing what foods to eat is half the battle. But also knowing what foods to avoid is just as important. This does not mean that you must eat like a rabbit or eat perfectly all the time. That would be unrealistic and unsustainable and you would likely slip back into patterns of making poor choices and eat poorly for long stretches.

Our goal with REAL NUTRITION is to provide you with the right foods to eat but also to arm you with the proper guidelines, boundaries, and accountability to eat clean MOST of the time.

On this program you are allowed a cheat meal once a week…. not a cheat day. For your cheat meal you can eat or drink whatever you want but then your goal is to get back on track the very next meal with clean eating choices and approved portion sizes.

Your Coach helps you in this process to ensure that you get back on track after a cheat meal. Whereas in the past one cheat meal would lead to another and another. That won’t happen this time around. Cheat meals and the importance of having “a quality of life factor” are elaborated more in the program.

By eating the right foods your body begins to take shape, you lose unwanted pounds and inches and you look and feel so much better! Your energy is no longer up and down, cravings disappear and you save quite a bit of money on your grocery bill every week.


REAL NUTRITION includes a carefully selected list of approved foods for the program. Your Coach instructs you on how much of each of these foods to eat on a daily basis based on your body’s unique needs. These foods are called Macronutrients which are composed of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates. In the program Vegetables is also considered a Macronutrient – the reason for this is elaborated as to why in the program.

You need to consume specific amounts of each Macronutrient daily in order to obtain high levels of sustained energy throughout the day and simultaneously lose your excess body fat. In following the list of approved foods you won’t feel deprived. Yep you read that right, REAL NUTRITION is not a DIET but rather it is a way of life. Dieting is most often associated with calorie restriction and there are pitfalls that coincide with being restrictive – namely intense cravings.

REAL NUTRITION is a healthy way of eating that is sustainable and realistic. And the wonderful byproduct of you focusing on developing healthy and sustainable eating habits – you lean down and eliminate excess body fat.

Too many people maybe even you have focused on just the aesthetic….losing weight in order to look better. Think differently –  instead of focusing on weight loss as a goal but rather focusing on eating clean for optimum health in accordance with progressive and consistent dietary and exercise habits, the wonderful byproduct of that way of life is that you can lose all your unwanted body fat over time.

Matter of fact in our experience as Personal Trainers / Nutrition Coaches we have found that if you solely focus on losing weight in order to look better you inevitably gain all your weight back and then some. On the contrary, when you focus on health and fitness as your primary objective you take the weight off…and keep it off.

Remember, you have your own unique needs for how much of each food group to eat on a daily basis. Now you may think to yourself “how am I supposed to know how much I need for my unique body?” That is where REAL NUTRITION comes in and answers that question for you. With our simple and easy to use – MEAL PROGRAM FORMULAS – you will see for yourself how easy it is to get your unique needs met. And on top of that your REAL NUTRITION Coach holds you accountable to stick with the right MEAL PROGRAM FORMULA best suited for you.

To clarify, your REAL NUTRITION Coach determines the proper amount of Macronutrients for your unique body and fitness level. On top of that, if need be, your Coach adjusts your MEAL PROGRAM FORMULA to help you stay on track and continue to make progress throughout the entire 12-weeks. Your Coach removes all the guesswork for you.

As a result, you feel satisfied every day, eat foods you love, indulge in your weekly cheat meal and see continual results until you get the body you want.

You likely eat far too much food and may often think “I need to go on a diet.”

Keep in mind that simply lowering your caloric intake is not the answer. Guess what most books on diet and nutrition have in common? They all instruct you to eat fewer calories. You lose weight doing that. But you are not trying to lose weight. You are aiming to lose fat. Weight consists of bone, fat, muscle and water. You don’t want to lose muscle. Muscle is crucial for keeping your metabolism fast. When you lose muscle you have a harder time losing continual body fat and there is a high probability you may gain all your weight back and then some.

Eating a calorie restrictive diet most often results in lost muscle. So again, restricting calories is not the answer.

The answer – eat the right amount of calories for your unique body. REAL NUTRITION and your REAL NUTRITION Coach shows you exactly how to meet your body’s unique caloric needs. No losing muscle, no feeling drained due to low caloric intake and no feelings of deprivation.

We have all heard it before – eat small meals throughout the day to speed up your metabolism. Well guess what, it’s true, but REAL NUTRITION takes it a step further. In the program you speed up your metabolism to lose fat faster, sustain your energy throughout the day and you prepare food so it is readily available rather than eat out on the fly. Yes this is the key – be prepared in order to succeed.

TIP: Manage your time appropriately and prioritize your responsibilities so you eat on a schedule rather than eat randomly throughout the day or eat simply to indulge. It’s about being organized and structured.

Prepare healthy and delicious meals directly associated with your MEAL PROGRAM FORMULA so you are equipped with all the proper foods throughout the day. No growing hungry, reaching for quick fix foods or eating the wrong foods out of convenience. Be satisfied, comfortably full and the best part…. cravings disappear. Keep in mind, when eating from the carefully chosen list of foods provided, cravings are a thing of the past.

REAL NUTRITION contains over a dozen healthy recipes that take little time to prepare which are satisfying and delicious! The recipes directly coincide with the MEAL PROGRAM FORMULAS so there is no guesswork as to whether you are following the program accurately. And as elaborated on further down you have access to the healthy recipe database of REAL NUTRITION approved meals.

Eating healthy and clean doesn’t have to be boring like snacking on carrots and broccoli all day and it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. REAL NUTRITION recipes contain delicious, enjoyable, healthy and high quality foods without having to invest countless hours meal prepping or eating boring foods with no flavor.

Here is a sampling of even more valuable tools and information you get with REAL NUTRITION


Consume the exact portion sizes appropriate for your unique body. No more second-guessing how much you should consume for each type of food. REAL NUTRITION makes it easy with our portion sizes guidelines. 

You may have a tendency to over consume at meals, particularly with foods you enjoy. Sticking to proper portion sizes will help you lose unwanted body fat. Follow the rule of only eating until you are 80% full. Imagine walking into a restaurant but having the confidence to follow the 80% rule because your head is in the right place. This is possible with REAL NUTRITION and a Coach who holds you accountable. 

Being a paying member of REAL NUTRITION alone may be enough to get you to stick with the program due to the fact that you don’t want to waste your time or money. REAL NUTRITION is not going to be another one of those “diets” you tried and failed with….On the contrary, your Coach has your back and will support and encourage you to keep your word. To hold yourself accountable.

TIP: Over indulgent portion sizes can also lead to continually repeating the behavior. Regain self control and your sense of discipline rather than justify eating more food than necessary during meals.


REAL NUTRITION gets things kicked off properly from the onset with a 1 hour Virtual Nutrition Seminar so that you fully understand all the specifics of the program and are armed with the proper knowledge of how to best utilize the tools of what this amazing program has to offer.

The Virtual Nutrition Seminar covers in detail all the following:

  • The In’s and outs of the REAL NUTRITION program
  • How to best communicate with, access, and get the most value from your Certified Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach assigned to you for the entire 12 weeks of the program
  • How to access and best utilize the weekly 30 minute Virtual sessions with your Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach
  • How to correctly input your food intake and cardiovascular exercise into your daily Online food log that your Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach reviews on a weekly basis in order to hold you accountable and provide you with invaluable feedback
  • How to develop and maintain the proper mindset to best prepare for the REAL NUTRITION 12 week challenge to remain determined and keep the flame of desire hot to succeed
  • How to access and get the most out of the REAL NUTRITION community
  • How to access REAL NUTRITION database of approved recipes


As mentioned earlier, one of the main keys to your success with REAL NUTRITION is ongoing accountability. Think about it, if you have a Certified Personal Trainer who also happens to be a Certified Nutrition Coach, has your back and wants nothing more than for you to succeed, how can you possibly go wrong?

If you get off track and want to slip back into old patterns or quit taking care of your health, this is where your Coach challenges, supports and inspires you with encouragement and desire to keep your commitment. Stick to your new eating and exercise routines you intend to establish as a way of life.

TIP: The more specific you are when logging your food and cardiovascular exercise the better! Doing so enables your Coach to properly guide you.

You must write down your food intake on a daily basis in your Online Food and Cardiovascular log for the entire 12 weeks so your Coach can review it weekly and provide you honest and direct feedback on your progress. Your Coach guides you if you are off track or need to alter your plan.

Your Coach does not provide this feedback in a judgmental or harsh way. Remember your Coach has your back and wants to gently but firmly guide you towards accomplishing your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.


Each week you meet with your coach online to review your progress. Your coach will arm you with invaluable guidance and feedback. Your Coach provides additional nutrition and exercise suggestions and reviews topics of the entire program in greater detail.

Interact with other REAL NUTRITION participants who are succeeding in the program who can support you.

That’s right there is a community of other like minded individuals who desire to make the same changes you do who are right there with you along the way. But the most important person to you in this process is your Certified Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach to guide, support, encourage and educate you every week to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Your Coach is an expert, has experience, has helped dozens of people prior and knows the ins and outs of the REAL NUTRITION Program. Rest assured and feel confident that you are in good hands.

With any challenge you may encounter along the way, know that your Coach has dealt with that exact challenge in the past and will guide you through it so you remain consistent with your new habits of clean eating and regular and exercise in order to reach your goals.

TIP: Once you get to the point where you hold yourself accountable you reach high levels of success. Your Coach holds accountable to him/her but also to yourself.


REAL NUTRITION is jam packed with healthy recipes that make it easy for you to stick with the program. Also as a member of REAL NUTRITION you have access to countless recipes that are all aligned with the rules of REAL NUTRITION on the REAL RESULTS website.

Be confident that if you eat the recipes that are exclusively offered to you in the program or on the website and follow the program – you will get the results you want without feeling deprived or hungry all the time.


The vast majority of REAL NUTRITION clients who have great success make their own food – the most of the time. Food preparation is the key to you being prepared in advance and as a result the right foods are available to you throughout the entire day. Eliminate guesswork and excuses that come with lack of preparation.

If you eat out all the time you likely lack self control when it comes to making wise choices and controlling your portion sizes at meals. Also restaurants want you to come back so more often than not there are ingredients in your meals that are fattening or unhealthy. Too much sugar, hydrogenated oil and far too much sodium.

Your Coach assists you with guidance and suggestions to properly meal prep and provides you with tools and techniques to prepare food for multiple days in advance.

TIP: Mix it up! Weekly consider trying out new recipes and food items to keep things interesting and enticing and to prevent boredom or slipping back into old eating habits that are counter to your goals.


Knowing the right foods to eat is important but also having an understanding of why and how these foods affect your body arms you with the knowledge and motivation to continue eating those foods.

Glycemic index is a rating scale that demonstrates how quickly a food is converted to sugar by your body. Eating foods that illicit a low sugar spike in your body helps sustain energy levels, allows for your body fat to be used as energy and helps prevent degenerative diseases like heart disease and onset of adult diabetes.

Glycemic index is an extremely valuable tool in your arsenal against unwanted body fat and health problems. REAL NUTRITION elaborates on the negative effects of high glycemic foods and provides easy to follow guidelines. In the program there are foods recommended you consume and what foods recommend you avoid.


REAL NUTRITION provides you with a unique method for setting and achieving Goals. It is important that you have a roadmap and a plan to follow but also that you set goals that follow certain guidelines so your goals don’t fall flat.

What specifically do you want to accomplish with REAL NUTRITION? Lose 30 pounds? Run a 5k in under 20 minutes? Lower your cholesterol or pants size? When exactly do you want to accomplish these goals?

TIP: Ask yourself specific questions pertaining to your goals to help you manifest them into reality.

Too often you may set goals but not follow through on them. This is where having a REAL RESULTS Certified Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach comes in handy. Going through life trying to accomplish goals without a Coach or someone to hold you accountable and support you makes it harder to keep your commitments. Alone you are strong but with others you are stronger. Your Coach provides proper guidance and encouragement which are invaluable tools to aid you in achieving your goals particularly when it comes to your health and fitness.

I was in the worst shape of my life when I was convinced to try REAL RESULTS. My first session, I failed miserably — I lasted only 35 minutes. But, with help and encouragement, I made it through the week. Joining REAL NUTRITION and eating clean definitely stopped my cravings for all the toxic food I’d been feeding my body. In nine weeks, I went from 233 pounds to 190 pounds. This is just the beginning of my journey. My coaches helped me make a lot of changes in my life, and my wife and kids can’t thank them enough.

36 Weeks, Lee Miranda


Imagine having access to other REAL NUTRITION participants who have gone through the program and successfully achieved the results they wanted. Imagine being able to draw from their habits and routines and get sound advice on how they did it. The REAL RESULTS community is that of caring, encouraging, and helpful people who would love to pass on the knowledge and success they achieved in the program. You are part of that community too just by being a member of REAL NUTRITION.


Balancing all your responsibilities can be challenging but doing so is a crucial aspect of success in the REAL NUTRITION program. We understand the needs of our clients and it’s likely that you may have difficulty in managing all that’s on your plate. Your REAL RESULTS Coach is fully aware and understanding of all the challenges you face.

Don’t despair, your Coach is an expert in time management, which we call LIFE MANAGEMENT. REAL NUTRITION provides you with the proper guidance and tools to adequately manage your schedule such that you make practices of proper planning, time management and meal preparation a priority in your life rather than brush them aside or avoid them.

Your Coach assists you in sticking to your dietary and exercise commitments so that you can see continued progress over time. If you get off track or begin mis-aligning your life management your Coach reels you back in order to get you back on track and continue with your new priorities.

Your Coach wants to see you succeed and will therefore encourage and inspire you to make your dietary and exercise routines just as important as your other top priorities in your life. Weekly virtual sessions with your Coach are an invaluable tool to aid you in LIFE MANAGEMENT.

Prior to joining REAL RESULTS I got up to my heaviest weight. I did my fitness assessment and realized I was heading down the same path as my father, who passed away from a heart attack. That assessment, and working with REAL RESULTS, motivated me more than anything ever has. In 12 weeks, I lost over 30 pounds and over 15 percent body fat. REAL RESULTS is fun and contagious, and everyone should do it!

12 Weeks, Josh T.


If you desire is to lose body fat – being reliant on eating clean and moderately alone is not enough. Your objective with REAL NUTRITION is not just to lose body fat but to improve your overall health and fitness – Remember losing body fat is the by-product of getting fit.

Cardiovascular exercise isn’t just about burning calories so you can lose weight. It’s about reaching higher levels of fitness by improving your body’s ability to utilize oxygen. Doing cardiovascular exercise is one thing but advancing the intensity of your workouts over time is just as important.

In the Online log portion of the program included in REAL NUTRITION you are required to fill out your log daily throughout the entire 12 weeks. Your Coach monitors your logs and reviews your progress with your not just your food log but your cardiovascular exercise log as well.

Your coach looks at your cardiovascular exercise frequency, duration and intensity. These are the tools necessary to make improvements in your waistline as well as your blood pressure, resting heart rate, and increase your overall energy levels. Your Coach provides you with ongoing suggestions and guidance for making continued progress. The better cardiovascular condition you get in, the easier it is to reduce your body fat.

Unlike other exercise plans out there you won’t necessarily need to spend hours upon hours every week doing cardio. It’s not just about frequency and duration. Intensity is key to progressing your cardio endurance which in turn leans you down.

Now, at this point you’re probably thinking:

“This all sounds fantastic…But is REAL NUTRITION right for me”?

Ask yourself these questions...

Am I tired of starting over? Do I really want to work off the same 35 pounds for the eighth time? Am I at the point where I’ve had enough of not keeping my word to myself? I have tried to do it on my own and failed so many times before, can I really go through the process alone again?

Then it's about time you change all that. Right now

Now ask yourself…

Am I truly ready to change? Am I willing to invest my time and money into my health and fitness and really make it a priority? Am I prepared to stick with the program even when I don’t feel like it?

Joining REAL NUTRITION might very well be the BEST THING you can do for yourself.

Accomplish a life-altering physical & mental transformation with REAL NUTRITION. The next 12 weeks is the beginning of a lifelong relationship with your health and fitness that you have been desiring for a long time.

Together with your Coach you can make the process of manifesting your ideal come to life.

Take a look at what you get one more time when you join right now:

  • 1 HOUR REAL NUTRITION Virtual Seminar
  • 12 Weekly 30 min. LIVE Virtual coaching sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach
  • A copy of REAL NUTRITION BOOK that’s responsible for every before + afters featured
  • Review/feedback of your daily Food Log/Cardiovascular Workouts w/ a REAL RESULTS Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach
  • Enrollment in exclusive REAL NUTRITION online community
  • Access to REAL NUTRITION database of approved recipes

*Small Group Training (SGX) and 1 on 1 Personal Training either in person or virtual are additional add-on features.