Tara Boshnack O’Neill / 37 / Roslyn, NY Dentist

Tara Boshnack ONeill Headshot

I’ve been doing Real Results Virtual classes for 4 months after I decided to change my life and get into shape with a diet and exercise program. As a busy mom of two young kids and the ongoing pandemic, virtual classes are a no brainer for me. My Coaches design each workout with the equipment I have at home. I never thought I could get such a great workout with little to no equipment. Throughout the session, they teach me proper form/technique and modify accordingly. If things ever become too comfortable, the Coaches push me even more.

Knowing that a Coach is watching me makes it difficult for me to slack off. I have committed to three sessions a week and the coaches hold me to that commitment. They call or text to make sure something is scheduled. Over the past months, I am able to work out for longer than I could previously and I am using heavier weights than before. The virtual classes have become a welcome constant amongst the chaos of everyday life.