Shenna Dressel / 35 / Las Vegas, NV Hospitality – Server Holistic Health – Yoga Practitioner Intuitive Guide

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Being a part of the Real Results community with Virtual training is a fulfilling experience. The individualized program, the workouts, and my coaching relationship has made my fitness routine shift in the direction of achievable, motivational and actual results.

My coach is engaging, real and supportive and holds me accountable. He pushes me in a positive way. With my busy schedule, the Virtual workouts make sense for me because I do not have the extra time associated with getting to and from a gym. They are just as engaging and difficult as an in-person class, and I look forward to my sessions.

Real Results is unlike any workout that I have done in my life thus far. My results are dramatic, and I find myself so satisfied, that the reward makes it easy to want to stay committed and show up for sessions. Being athletic most of my life the workouts are right up my alley but made to suit anyone, and that’s what I love about it. I am super grateful that I found Real Results and made this commitment. It has been life changing!