Dinisha Mingo / 32 / Las Vegas CEO – Mingo Health Solutions

Dinisha Mingo Headshot

Before Real Results I have never had a Coach actually care so much about me, my health and my overall well-being. Struggling with my weight and commitment, My Coach hasn’t given up on me. That means so much because it’s hard to care for others when they don’t care for themselves. My Coach has never stopped caring. He puts in an extended amount of time with me beyond the workouts to keep me accountable and motivated – truly meeting me where I am. And because of that, I have regained my strength and mind to care about my health and fitness.

He pushes me beyond my comfort zone and makes me stretch my limits. The real results start in the mind and the body follows, and he understands that. And throughout my time with Real Results, all of the Coaches have carried this same energy, passion and compassion for those of us struggling. It feels like a family and I’m thankful for that…a family that wants the best for me, supports me through it and pushes me to it.