Marc Floyd

Marc BIO

Marc Floyd

Operations - COO


Marc is a native Las Vegan, and has been a techie since he was a young boy. Not only can he fix anything, whether it’s computer related or old-fashioned nuts and bolts, he’s a phenomenal chef. His nickname is “Spock” within his fitness community since he is a master troubleshooter and integrator with ALL the business systems software and technical needs.

For the last 8 years Marc has handled all operations and systems development with Real Results Fitness. With a growing focus on Corporate Wellness that now includes multiple off site locations with other companies. Marc has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the wellness services for Zappos systems powered by MINDBODY. Marc is also a MINDBODY One Champion, providing regular assistance in the MINDBODY One community. Marc is aspiring to be a Mindbody business consultant.  Marc is also a self taught computer guru, and since the age of 12 he has been troubleshooting and fixing computers and is a Jack of all trades. If you are looking for that Number #1 guy to get STUFF done Marc is your GO TO GUY to get that STUFF done. In his free time he enjoys spending time making his families homemade italian recipes which include his SOFT Biscotti cookies and his great grandmother’s 100 year old Ravioli recipe. He also goes by Chef Marcello when entertaining guests.