The Baby, The Beard and The Barbell

Welcome to The Baby, The Beard and The Barbell! My name is Francis Hoare. I’m a father, bearded manly-man, competitive obstacle course racer and coach at Real Results Fitness.

The last year has been both the hardest and best year of my life. Many people wouldn’t want those adjectives together, but it’s something I’m proud of.

In August of last year my girlfriend and I found out we would be welcoming a child into the world the following March. This was not something we had planned or prepared for. Naturally we were terrified. The moment our daughter was born she began bringing more joy into our lives than could ever be quantified, but similar to most situations that we can’t fully control, fear was an early and frequent emotion.

My girls.
My girls.

With the support of my girlfriend I decided to put my career in marketing and public relations on hold, follow my passions and become a full time coach at Real Results less than two months before our daughter’s arrival. Around that same time Bryan Nelson, one of my best friends and fellow Real Results coach, and I started Las Vegas Obstacle Course Racing, which prepares all levels of people for events like Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and the BADASS DASH.

With all this going on there have been ups and downs plagued with plenty of stress from early mornings, long days, fluctuating income and our old acquaintance, fear. Through the good and bad there have been two common attributes: resiliency and humor.

In my hardest trials, whether it be frustrations you experience as a young parent, an issue at work or a physical beat down in a race, resiliency and humor have been the tools I use to accomplish what is needed in order to move forward. I use the following techniques to remain resilient and confident.

  • I take a deep breaths. This helps my mind and body reset.
  • I visualize myself completing the task.
  • I tell myself I can handle whatever problem I’m facing.
  • I keep my attitude positive and I smile.
The 24 Hour Race Team
The 24 Hour Race Team


These techniques haven’t failed me yet and it will be the most important tools I have when my team and I compete in World’s Toughest Mudder – a 24 hour race put on by Tough Mudder – in 10 days. It’s not a relay so all four members of our team need to stick together and move forward as one. While we attempt 75-100 miles on the rocky and hilly terrain we will surely face obstacles other than the 25 or so built by the race director.

Our minds and bodies will break down. We will have to overcome severe fatigue, near-freezing temperatures and chilling water. But I know our team is prepared and strong enough to handle anything. Not because we can lift a heavy amount of weight, run at a fast pace or for long distances, but because when things have gone awry in training or other races we reset our minds, crack some jokes and tackle the issue.

Never stop believing in yourself and never stop enjoying the journey!