“For anyone starting the program, it’s going to be tough for the first couple of weeks, but you will see changes.”

Diego Lozano needed to wake-up from the curveballs life threw at him. He had gotten broken-up with and found himself stagnant, reaching for fast food at least once a day and not using the gym membership or trainer he paid for. A Google search to find a gym offering something different led Diego to REAL RESULTS Fitness.

Before embarking on his REAL 90 weight loss transformation, he had a general goal to be healthy. Now 20 pounds lighter, his co-workers can’t help but notice that Diego is different. He has more energy, patience, smiles more and is happier.  Diego explains confidently, “I’m surrounded by positive people and it’s made positive changes. At work, everyone supports me. I get cravings, but I ignore the snacks. Now I am meal prepping and eating healthy even when my family comes to visit.”

Diego is only 25 pounds away from his final goal and has a few words of encouragement for others working toward their goals or encountering a rough patch: “For anyone starting the program, it’s going to be tough for the first couple of weeks, but you will see changes. Time management has been the most difficult obstacle since I have a busy schedule, but it’s worth it.  My clothes fit better, I feel lighter and I can take on the world!”

In addition to juggling his role as team lead in 7th grade English, Diego also  coaches a boys and girls soccer team. The changes in his habits have allowed him to run with the kids he coaches instead of having to sit on the sidelines. He starts his day with the 5:45 a.m. class to make sure he gets his workout in. Diego’s day doesn’t finish until 7:30 p.m., but he still makes the early morning workouts a priority.

“Forget your REAL90 book a couple of times. I don’t know why I kept forgetting and had to do 40 burpees every single time.”

The funniest lesson Diego has to share:  “Don’t forget your REAL 90 food log book”.  Coach Francis Hoare caught him without it in 12 classes and Diego has done more than 400 burpees because of it. That’s one way to burn some extra calories!

More About Diego:

In addition to teaching 7th grade English and coaching soccer, Diego is in LIT (Leaders in Training), which helps high school students apply for college. He also is a liaison for the Equity Diversity Education (EDE) which brings awareness and helps diversify teaching for students.