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I am sure you’ve heard different theories about morning workouts vs. evening workouts. Morning workouts are more effective, giving you a burst of energy for the day, makes you more alert and revs up the metabolism, contrary to evening workouts.  

If you are like me, the first thing you think about in the morning is coffee and working out later (I am an evening workout gal). What does that mean for you and I? Are we missing the morning benefits? Which time is better? Does it even really matter? Let’s get some answers.

I asked the coaches first to find out their thoughts, recommendations and to keep it REAL!

Paul Rosenberg, also known as the Yoda of fitness (insert your bow here) shared his expertise. According to Paul, “Many people prefer to work out in the morning because they can get it done and it’s out-of-the-way before their workday starts. After having worked a full day people tend to have less energy mentally and physically and it can be harder to motivate yourself to get to the gym. They may be less consistent too.”

It seems that energy, as well as consistency, play a key role in optimizing a workout.

Morning vs. Evening Workouts - MarkieLet’s see what spunky, lovable, badass coach Markie Henderson had to say about this topic. As clients are walking in or sometimes running in to make it on time, she feels inclined to get her class started by regaining their focus and energy; she says, “No matter how you get your workout in, it’s how you start it and how you finish it.” Markie has seen clients switch their workout times based on their energy and consistently level.

There are some patterns happening. If you notice, some keywords are recurring: energy and consistency. To workout at any part of the day starts with the mental, way before the physical. It’s an important point to keep in mind.

I spoke with an advocate morning goer and an advocate evening goer.

Mimi, who just competed in her first weightlifting competition, is no stranger to the gym or putting in the effort during a workout. Mimi is known to show up bright and early for Marcy’s cardio killers class, the first one of the day at 5:45 am. She prefers working out in the morning. “To be absolutely honest when it comes to working out, it is whenever you have the chance to do it, to get it done and out of the way,” Mimi said.  This sounds familiar (Paul).  Mimi is not typically a morning person. She attends the 5:45 am class because of the energy the class provides. “The coaches are awake, the energy is really high,” Mimi added. “I like the spirit and how everyone interacts with each other, how motivating it is, and you feed of each other’s energy.”

We have a breakthrough, folks. The energy from the coaches and other members is the motivator. This is a different take on getting up early to hit the gym. I told you this would get interesting.

I saved one final test to the myth.

Ashley Blake, another kick ass chick in the gym, gives us her take on why she enjoys her evening workouts. Ashley said, “The evening because, even though I am a morning person, I don’t necessarily get going till later in the morning and I like to have a full breakfast to increase my energy throughout the day. I have a morning routine that does not consist of a workout. It is more mental, to prepare for my day.” She shared that her career requires more of her mental energy, so it is important “to do self-reflection, meditation and eat breakfast at the table.”

Ashley likes to end her day before going home with a workout. “I come here to know I crushed something!”

So, what did we learn here?

Energy is key, your mental energy, physical energy and your surrounding energy is important. As Paul said, “consistency is the most important thing for results. So if you find that you are more consistent in the morning, then that’s the best time of the day for you to workout. Or the opposite, if you’re better off in the evening than you will be more consistent at that time. There is no correct answer; it’s what works best for the individual.”

At the end, studies or social thoughts on what works best might not be best for you. Be in tune with yourself. You know you better than anyone. You can also test this theory for yourself if you are unsure. Switch it up to see which part of the day works best for you (like Markie mentioned). You may be surprised what you uncover. Listen to your mind and body! That’s where you will find your best workout. Let’s get it!