Everyone rocks! You are your own person. You hold the power and have the capacity to change somebody’s life. You have already been practicing your purpose; it’s just waiting to fall into place. Keep following your puzzle piece. – Markie Henderson

Meet Markie Henderson – REAL RESULTS coach, puppy-pose loving Yoga Instructor, Disney fan, booty bouncing, fun-loving human being. Markie is involved with the Las Vegas community, the REAL RESULTS and the mind/body health of all who cross her path. We asked Markie a series of questions to scratch the surface of this old-soul with young exterior.

We heard that you went to Peru. What did you do there? I traveled to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. The most significant thing for me was working in the hospitals with terminally sick kids and really not having any idea what to do – how to communicate with them, how to treat them or understand their health issues and where they are coming from. I learned so much. There is a bigger purpose than just traveling. It’s seeing a third world country and seeing it from their perspective.

Do you think Peru changed you? Yes. For the better; I’m more helpful towards people and I’m more mindful. I’m more intense as a person and I feel that’s a good thing, especially if I am going to work in an environment of helping people.

What motivated you to study and want to become an EMT? Just coming back from Peru and seeing everything happening in the hospitals there. I wanted to be able to help people around me in a significant way, especially healing people.

Will you still teach fitness classes while being an EMT? Of course. I only have 48 hours on and five days off.

What drives you to help people so much? Purpose! Purpose drives me and creates a hole in my heart that needs to be fulfilled by helping people.

You are always positive, even in the most trying times, how have you learned to face difficulties head on? I think that comes through experiences. Especially over the last couple of weeks and the traumatic events that affected Las Vegas. It’s very traumatizing, not only to me and my family, but to humanity in general. I think tough times make tough people and you go off based on the situation and the different scenario then and there.

Do you have a mentor? Yes. Branden Collinsworth has been my mentor and also a lot of the coaches here at REAL RESULTS, especially Francis Hoare and Mason Kernan. I primarily look to Branden and I’m always asking him questions. I also look to Dina from Station 2. Dina is the first woman Chief in the Fire Department. I definitely look up to her as a woman and Branden as a man.

What is the smartest fitness advice you have received? Practice makes permanent. The more you do something, the better you get at it.

You have been on a very deep path at a very young age. What words of wisdom would you share with your own age group? Everyone rocks. You are your own person. You hold the power and the have the capacity to change somebody’s life. Be vulnerable and never feel that your voice doesn’t matter. Always speak out for what you love and what you want to do. Most importantly, just be you and be confident. At the end of the day, if you have that confidence and you uphold that to your everyday lifestyle, your purpose will come into place. You have already been practicing your purpose; it’s just waiting to fall into place. Keep following your puzzle piece.