I’m influenced by Henry Rollins to keep moving and accepting new challenges and motivated by his quote “No such thing as spare time, no such thing as free time, no such thing as down time. All you got is lifetime. Go.” – David Denk

Get ready to meet this Croatia-loving, hard-working REAL RESULTS Fitness Coach, who has been into fitness since the 8th grade; David Denk.

Four years ago, David made the move to Vegas and without knowing, his future would be working in the company of a great work family at REAL RESULTS Fitness. A fun fact about David is that he was born in Detroit, yet has lived in Italy, North Carolina and Illinois. When I asked him what else was on the his travel bucket list, Denk replied ‘North Scandinavia is on the list, but I’m focused on fitness and my life at Real Results Fitness.”

There was plenty of influence from his time in the Air Force and Military, which in turn, planted a seed for Denk’s hard work mentality, but also gave him exposure to uncomfortable environments. Those experiences made him globally well-rounded, especially when he was stationed in Italy and had the opportunity to travel.

David adds “The military definitely pulled me way out of my comfort zone, but it didn’t pull me in the direction I wanted to go in life. REAL RESULTS Fitness has challenged me in many ways. Leading a class can be nerve racking, but I’m finding my rhythm and continuing to grow.”


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As a direct reflection of life, these new environments unveiled a new path involving a new fitness career and new mentors. Paul Rosenberg, Bryan Nelson and Francis Hoare have guided David to a place in his life that he calls “balanced”.

David shares, “Through the years I’ve grown to appreciate fitness in almost all its forms.  I also love the functional and strength-building side of fitness especially working with kettlebells. The physical and mental side of fitness is so beneficial. Being able to help guide people through that journey in any way I can, is a great feeling. Knowing what fitness has done for my own confidence level is something I’d be extraordinarily humbled to instill in someone else.”

Challenges only encourage Denk. To keep his consistency and focus, he even inked an anvil on his stomach, which serves as a  constant reminder to stay tough and focused. “Life has pushed me in the direction of these amazing people. It’s great to find someone you can confide in new or uncomfortable environments. Fitness is just like life. Consistency is key. The road may be long, but it’s worth it.”