Real Results Trainer Denny Silva
Real Results Trainer Denny Silva

The following post is to inform y’all about Rockin Runners and Las Vegas Track Club. I will be posting events in the “event section” of this site on a regular basis.  The Events drop down bar is found on the “Contact” tab of the Main menu navigation bar of the site.

If the LVTC information is of interest to you, please consider visiting their website or joining the club.  The rates are very reasonable and you will be thrilled about the variety of information and events they provide.

They are established leaders in promoting running and walking in Southern Nevada for more than 38 years. They encourage running and walking as lifetime fitness activities which are fun and rewarding.

Membership in the LVTC provides you with many outstanding benefits such as discounts at local running stores as well as reduced race fees for most area races.  If you buy 2 pairs of running shoes a year, and run 4 t-shirt races, those discounts alone cover the cost of your membership!  You will also receive a monthly newsletter with timely race information for local, regional, and popular out of state races.  If you want to check on the status of local events, simply call the  Runner’s Hotline at 702 594 0970. The hotline is updated weekly and indicates when events have been changed or canceled.  The hotline also gives directions and starting times, sou you can plan your pre-race activities accordingly.

Perhaps the best resource for running information is the LVTC club website at There you will find the results of previous races, and you can even track your individual progress by reviewing your own times from all of the races you’ve run!  The web site even includes a message board to allow you to connect with other Track Club members to schedule training runs, plan social events or simply to share opinions about running related events or activities.

The LVTC provides low key, non T shirt races at various sites around the valley on every weekend when no other races have been scheduled.  These low key events help you stay sharp, while providing you with the opportunity to run in areas of town that you wouldn’t ordinarily see.

So whether you’re a serious racer, a recreational runner, or a fitness walker, Real Results strongly suggests you consider joining the LVTC!

Rockin Runners

Also, please consider joining My good friends James Johnston and Jeff Calene proudly put on one of the best programs in Las Vegas for Marathon training. Led by professional coaches and a highly knowledgeable staff, you can go from “couch potato to finishing a marathon! Act soon, as time to register is running out.

Print out coupon and bring into “The Athletes foot” for more details.  Also, check out the  Athletes Foot page on navigation bar of this website under the “Training Locations” tab for more information and store location.

Click link below to download coupon!

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