If exercise can be incorporated into a game and the whole family can join in GREAT! Clients have started incorporating the Wii into their fitness routines. Work on it an hour a day and enjoy yourself, and love beating your personal best scores. And have FUN with the kids. It’s not work at all. Here are some hints to make the most out of your Wii time.

Try the training area. There are fewer stops and the boxing training has you dodging from one side to the next.

Try mixing 10 min hula, 90 sec Plank, 10 Boxing, 30 jackknifes, 10 Advanced Step, 10 push ups with side planks, 10 min Island lap jogging, 3 yoga poses and 3 additional strength exercises to finish up a 50 – 60 min workout.

Play “Working The Bag” for 30 minutes. You’ll be punching for half an hour straight.

Sure you could get more out of working out at the gym, but the Wii lets you mix in a little family fitness. You get a chart to see how you’re doing, weight wise, BMI wise and how long you’ve been working out.