I have a client who makes it a rule not to leave the gym until he’s burned 1,000 calories. He does his cardio after our sessions, so he’s still only at the gym for about an hour all together. He wears a heart rate monitor that not only tells him how intensely he’s working out, but also how many calories he burned thus far in his workout. It really helps keep him on track.

If you’re not using a heart rate monitor today, you should really consider it to enhance your workout. Although any monitor will do, we carry Sigma monitors for $50 or $70. They provide basic functions: Time, Pulse, Heart Rate or the upgrade to 100% electro cardiogram (EKG) exact accuracy, a built in calorie counter, slim, sporty lines and special “3 Zone Indicator” with an alarm which alerts you when you are exercising within your ideal training zone. You can pick one up from your trainer.