My first class was with Coach Janelle and maaaan, let me tell you, the five to eight minute warm-up felt like an hour. I thought it was the whole workout! After that first workout, I became better and better every day. I’m so proud and happy! – Anayat Wardag

Long time REAL RESULTS Fitness member Veronica Alvarado began hearing the legend of Anayat Wardag so she reached out to him herself to learn more about what brought him to REAL RESULTS.

Meet Anayat Wardag, REAL RESULTS Fitness member who stumbled upon the REAL RESULTS family through a Google search. Anayat recently moved to Las Vegas from West Lafayette, Indiana for an internship.

Anayat’s positive attitude and fun outlook on life is infectious. The coaches noticed him right away and have been helping him every step of the way. Anayat reveals, “This is my first time taking cross training classes. There was that time in high school football where we spent the entire day bear crawling the football field, but other than that, my workouts have been walking on a treadmill for five minutes and bench pressing weights for a little bit.”

When speaking with Anayat, his positivity exudes even through conversation and he shares how REAL RESULTS has changed his perspective on working out. He had completely given up on a consistent workout, especially during college, but found that the culture here is special and something that everyone needs to experience.

Even with his departure from Las Vegas on December 16, Anayat is pushing to attend as many classes as he can and make the best of the REAL 90 weight loss program before he goes back to Indiana. He wants to take a class with every coach.

Anayat shares, “I was able to find a gym that gives me encouragement and that encouragement leads me to tell others to not give up on your health. Try everything. There will be some kind of activity that will catch your attention and you will fall in love with. Stay on top of your health and find that fun activity that I found. I love REAL RESULTS because I see other people working so hard that it influences me to push myself to the limit. I want everyone to find that.”