Zoneil, a web editor/social media “dude” at and Vegas Seven, started the blog Losing It to document his fitness journey with REAL RESULTS. He asked me to write a guest post about picking the right shoes for different types of exercising. Here it is…

One of the main reasons it took me so long to buy into healthy living was the people. Health freaks swear they’ve been born again, and their “fitspiration” posts are more annoying than emails from wealthy Nigerian princes (I’m still waiting on that million dollars, fam!). Though I still haven’t posted a shirtless selfie and I’m too much of a pessimist for Paulo Coelho quotes, I admit that I’m slowly becoming one of those people. Belly deep into my training, I can say that adopting a healthy lifestyle is indeed a rebirth. You have to re-learn basic human functions like breathing, eating, drinking water and moving on your feet. That last one can be especially tricky because one pair of shoes does not fit all exercises. Without the proper support you’re liable to mess around and hurt yourself. With that in mind, I enlisted trainer, competitive Spartan racer and all-around awesome dude Francis Hoare to share some tips on how to find the best shoe for you. Pick up the game he’s putting down.—Zoneil Maharaj


As one of the personal trainers at Real Results Fitness I’ve been beside Zoneil since he started his health journey with us. I’ve seen him make monster gains in his weight loss, cardio capacity and strength—physical and mental—so I dubbed him World War Z. [Editor’s note: Please don’t call me that. Thanks!]

One of Zoneil’s keys to success (listen up, DJ Khaled) is staying injury-free. That starts at the feet, where your body touches the world around you. People love showing off a new pair of kicks, especially in the gym, but having the right footwear is much more than having the latest, greatest and flashiest.

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