Motivation quote: The only bad workout is the one you didn't do
It can be hard to find extra time and motivation to hit the gym, especially around this busy time of year. As the days seem to get shorter and shorter and your schedule fuller and fuller, exercising gets pushed to the bottom of the list. But why? Why should the one thing you can do for YOU get put on the back burner? Fitness is essential to this time of year. Not only does it help your mind – great stress relief – but it will keep those holiday pounds at bay.

Taking just 30 minutes to an hour a day to walk, run, take a class, or hit the weights will dramatically increase your mental and physical state during these next few months. If you’re having a hard time with the motivation part…invite a friend and schedule to meet at a certain time. When someone else is depending on you to show up, your more likely to do so. Remember the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do, so lace up those sneakers, put on the sweat band, and kiss those holiday blues (and calories) goodbye.

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