The holidays are over and the New Year has been in full swing for about a month now. It’s that time of year with over populated gyms, long lines at Whole Foods, and the attempt to detox from all the junk food you gorged on over the holidays. Instead of starving yourself on the “water” diet, there are healthier ways to get your body, and mind, back on track. Try these 4 meal tips and start feeling better today.

Oatmeal is Your Stomach’s Friend


After a day of overindulgence, it’s best to wait to eat again until you feel hungry. With your stomach empty, you should start with a fiber-rich breakfast to get your digestive system up and running. Oatmeal is the perfect choice. Feel free to add a little vanilla or cinnamon, or better yet: add some diced fruit to help you rehydrate.

Vegetarian Chili Can Get Your Engines Started

veggie chili

You feel hungover for a lot of physiological reasons, among them dehydration and mineral depletion. A hearty vegetarian chili can replace your sodium and potassium levels almost instantly. Furthermore, making a meat-free chili with black beans will give you a lot of protein and fiber without the fat, and the spiciness of chili powder is thought to reduce inflammation.

Baked Pears to Sate Your Sweet Tooth


After the months of eating junk have come to an end, you may find yourself craving the sweets your tastebuds have come to expect. Instead of candy or cheesecake, try baking a pear or two after dusting them with your favorite spices. Add some frozen yogurt and you’ve got a low-cal treat that could satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Lean Protein and Veggies for Dinner

chicken and veggies

You’ll be hungry again by dinner, but that doesn’t mean you have to gorge on left-overs. Try a dish that combines lemon chicken with rice and artichokes. Not only is the recipe quick and easy, but its delicious and healthy. Artichokes, in particular, are an excellent detox choice as they contain silymarin, an antioxidant that gives your liver a boost.

These meals will help you feel better in no time and hopefully keep you on your New Year’s resolution track. Once you start feeling like your pre-holiday self, maintain your healthy diet and add a little exercise….this year is going to be your best!

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