Dan Krohmer, whose restaurant Other Mama is on a streak of receiving accolades from the likes of GQ and Eater, is facing a new kind of test when it comes to food. Earlier this year he began working with Coach Bryan and now has to get through the holiday season without putting weight back on that he worked hard to lose.

So Dan and Bryan created four holiday rules. They got him through Thanksgiving, but he still has countless Christmas and New Years gatherings to go.

1. The 80/20 rule.

80% of what Dan eats must be healthy, 20% can be those extra carbs, desserts or alcohol that seem to be everywhere during the holidays. It’s extremely difficult to avoid these things completely. Allowing for a little taste will let Dan be realistic, enjoy the holidays and not go overboard.

2. Make working out the first thing you do each day.

Cooking for family and friends and enjoying those meals doesn’t leave Dan a lot of free time during the holidays. Getting his workout done early means it won’t get interrupted or cancelled because of last minute gift or grocery shopping.

Dan and Coach Bryan

3. Eat plenty of healthy fats.

Eating healthy fats like nuts, dark meat, avocados, oils and eggs will fill Dan up, prevent cravings and help him avoid impulse eating so he’s more likely to stick to the 80/20 rule.

4. Overindulge one day, intermittent fasting the next.

If Dan does over do it one day he is going to intermittent fast the next. He will go 16 hours from the last time he ate with nothing other than fatty coffee and water. This will help his body reset and use the calories as best as possible instead of storing them as fat.