At REAL RESULTS we pride ourselves on being a fit family! We’re more than weights, burning calories and kale smoothies! We’re support, accountability and pride, too.

Thalia, Isabel and Bianca aren’t the first family members to sweat together at REAL RESULTS, but they are a shining example how our gym family creates a healthier family outside our walls.

Thalia was the first of the family to begin training here. As a member of the UNLV Rebel Girls dance team, she started taking classes when we became their sponsor gym. Thalia is extremely fit and athletic and fell in love with our classes immediately.

After a few months, Thalia was able to get her mom, Isabel, to experience one of our classes. Isabel told me, “I would have never stepped foot in a place like this, much less return. But after being forced by Thalia to do the charity workout in November, I felt extremely comfortable to give it a try. The coaches all made it easy. No one ever made me feel like I wasn’t fit enough to be here, including the other members. I felt welcomed and wanted.”

First Impressions to REAL Progressions

We understand our gym can be intimidating. I’m sure more than one unsuspecting soul has come to see the gym during a class with a ferocious tempo and never returned. It’s the support that our members show each other and that the coaches give that makes our “Better Every Day” motto come to life.

Bianca, Thalia’s cousin and Isabel’s niece, didn’t want to come to REAL RESULTS at first. Isabel gave her the Gift of Fitness – our holiday promotion

that allows members to give a month of free classes to friends and family – and it took Bianca a month to redeem it. Bianca said, “I didn’t think I could do it. Then I decided that I needed to start focusing on my health again.”

Bianca didn’t have the easiest introduction to our classes either. “My first class at REAL RESULTS was Cardio Killers. The whole time I was just thinking to myself ‘What did I get myself into?’ I had never worked out that hard.”

Fit Family
Bianca (top) and her Aunt Isabel (bottom) partner-up for a class.

“I walked out of there drenched in sweat, but feeling so proud of myself for not giving up!”

Bianca has come a far way since doubting whether she could hang with Thalia, Isabel and the rest of the REAL RESULTS family. She has progressed in her ability to move, the amount of weight she can lift, the speed at which she can push through a class and the time she can keep going without needing rest.

Bianca decided to step it up and join the REAL 90 after her free month of classes ended. Now, as she nears completion of the program, her Aunt Isabel is in awe! “She looks incredible and I love it when she slowly weeds out the clothes that don’t fit, which is happening more often now,” said Isabel. “She looks amazing. I can’t wait to see her results at the end. She deserves all of this greatness that being healthy is bringing her.”


The REAL RESULTS family is about more than what the scale says. Bianca added, “Never, in my life would I have thought I would enjoy working out

Fit Family
Bianca and Isabel – “Better Every Day!”

as much as I do now. I actually look forward to coming to the gym everyday and pushing myself and seeing the results from it. Before coming to REAL RESULTS I was going to the gym and doing the same thing and I got bored of it. Coming here I never know what to expect and I look forward to the challenges.”

Family and friends don’t let their loved ones sweat alone! So introduce someone new to your REAL RESULTS family with a free class! They can sign up here.