Having a great workout playlist can take you from “I can’t do another rep” to “Bring on the burpees!” Whatever your workout, take a listen to these 7 tunes and get your mind and body prepared for a sweat-a-thon.

7. Queen “We Will Rock You” 

The song that’s got a million sports fans on their feet. Put this through your headphones and let the thumping drums jumpstart your heart –if you’re at the gym, though, it might be hard to keep from clapping along.

6. 30 Seconds to Mars “Up in the Air”

You can’t go wrong with 30 Seconds to Mars when getting your sweat on. This song in particular has enough fist-pumping choruses, tribal screams, and a sweet beat to get you through any body conditioning exercise!

5. Ra Ra Riot “Binary Mind”

Combining the groove of rock and roll with the metronomic clap of EDM, this song will make your circuit training feel like being on the dance floor. Try to keep up!

4. Spoon “I Turn My Camera On”

Something magical happens when the groove matches your pace, and whether on the treadmill or the chin-up bar this song’s swagger is sure to keep you moving.

3. Beyonce “Get Me Bodied”

Beyonce says “A little sweat never hurt nobody,” and she’s right! But it will be a lot more fun sweating to this beat. Perfect inspiration for aerobic work-outs.

2. Franz Ferdinand “Take Me Out”

This song might be best for working the heavy bag. Just a little anger, but mostly just that crushing four-four line that can carry you through those last few reps.

1. Britney Spears “Work B**ch”

Let’s be honest….no workout is complete without a little Britney, and with her upcoming performances in Las Vegas we couldn’t resist. This club-banger, after-hours, dance-trance, heavy-beat laden song will definitely get your body pumping. Just don’t be surprised if you spontaneously bust out the dance moves.


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