Veronica Alvarado sat down with REAL RESULTS Fitness member and obstacle course race badass, Marissa Geffen-Temple, to get a look at the BADASS Dash.

“I tell myself that my kids are watching. I want them to realize that quitting is never an option. You have a choice in life: you can make excuses or you can make changes. I choose change. – Marissa Geffen-Temple”

First Impressions

If you signed-up for your first obstacle course race (BADASS Dash, Spartan, Tough Mudder, etc) with the REAL RESULTS team and you take a look around, your first perception may be that all of these people have always been participating in races. Marissa Geffen-Temple may be one of the women you perceive as “it’s easy for her; she’s always been doing it.” Perception and reality are two different things.

Marissa explains, “My first perception of obstacle races? Those are definitely not for me! I’ll never forget sitting in Paul’s nutrition seminar four years ago and seeing four muddy, crazed-looking, adrenaline-pumped guys walk in, having just finished a Tough Mudder. I turned to the girl next to me and said, ‘I’ll do these REAL RESULTS workouts and this REAL 90 program, but there’s NO WAY I’m doing one of those mud runs.’ Four years later and I’m all in! (And if you’re curious who those crazy fellas were? None other than Branden Collinsworth, Marc Floyd, Bryan Nelson and Josh Tomsheck)


Marissa’s reality is balancing family time with her two kids and husband, working full time as an attorney and finding some time for herself, which usually means a class at REAL RESULTS or a trail run. Marissa stretches her time every single moment of the day. How does she do it?

Marissa shares, “I’m lucky that I have a supportive husband and a wonderful network of friends. If I didn’t have my husband to get the kids up and ready in the morning and I didn’t have my workout buddies motivating me to be there, I’d never make it work. It helps to make exercise and training a priority. I think my biggest tip for juggling life with working out, is to schedule a workout. Block yourself out of work or away from the home during that one hour a day. Everyone deserves that time! I find that working out first thing in the morning before the day gets away from me is best. I’m out of my house every morning by 4:45 am so I can complete my training before work. If I put it off I come up with a million excuses not to go!”

Before running her first BADASS Dash race, Marissa had some motivation. Coaches Bryan and Francis, got on her to try it out because it’s a great race for beginners. Since that first race, Marissa has participated in the Las Vegas BADASS Dash every year and added other obstacle races to her goals.

Marissa made the decision to be competitive with Spartan Races (the top obstacle race organization) and started incorporating more trail running into her training. For some of the longer races, Marissa spends three days a week running trails and the rest of the week taking classes and weight training.

REAL RESULTS members Lisa Curran, Josh Tomsheck and Billy Steffens with Marissa after the 2016 BADASS Dash

Lessons Learned

The best lesson Marissa has to share: “If I can do this, anyone can do it! Sounds cliché, but it’s the absolute truth. REAL RESULTS changed my workout style and fitness routine. I never lifted more than an eight pound dumbbell before coming here. I’d never seen a kettlebell or wall ball. I thought Rogue Rig was a beer reference. With the right training and support, you can and WILL finish a race. I can’t say enough about building a support group and sticking with a training plan. I’m so truly blessed to have found REAL RESULTS and to have connected with such a great group of members and coaches. With REAL RESULTS you have everything at your disposal to ensure your success!”

If you’d like to join Marissa at the BADASS Dash on Saturday, May 20, sign-up here and use the promo code RRBAD to save 10%. ****Sign-up as an “individual” and using the code will automatically put you on the REAL RESULTS team!