When Jennifer Metzger turns 40 this month, the biggest gift she receives will be from herself. She’ll cross off a goal a year in the making.

Jennifer first walked into REAL RESULTS last January. Friend and fellow badass Rachel Wenman put Jennifer in contact with Paul Rosenberg. Paul created and continues to lead the REAL 90 weight loss program. Jennifer bought in right away and signed-up for the upcoming REAL 90 before leaving the gym that day.

“I knew this was my opportunity to take my life back and become healthy and in shape again,” said Jennifer

“I was extremely overweight and wasn’t exercising or going to the gym. No physical activity. I had issues with my knees. Overall I was sluggish.”

Determined to achieve her goal!

Jennifer lost 25 pounds during the REAL 90 program. She kept up with the nutrition and taking classes five days a week. She says, “I want to motivate people so they know they can get the results I got by busting their ass in the gym and eating healthy. It’s not rocket science it’s just hard work and determination. The high fives and hugs make it easier.”

The Power is in YOU!

Jennifer’s lifestyle transformation was about much more than herself. When her mom saw how motivated Jennifer was she started working out and eater better too. I want my Mom around forever so motivating her made it all worth it to me. Cancer runs deep in both sides of my family.”

Coach Mason, whose classes Jennifer takes most frequently, often ends his workouts by talking about how the work done inside REAL RESULTS will carry over into every aspect of life outside of the gym. That quickly became true for Jennifer. She owns Vanguard Lounge on Fremont and the harder she worked on herself the harder she was able to work there. “This year is the best year my business has had and I am extremely grateful for that. Everything started to flow as one.”

Super Jen with Coach Mason!
Super Jen with Coach Mason!