“They say” a picture is worth a thousand words. And for sure what Rachel accomplished is visually impressive.

It took almost a year to the day to produce what you see here. But forget the picture for a moment. What you see is NOTHING compared to WHAT IT TOOK to create this change.

You might think, “ok, yeah she works out a lot, eats super clean, and even got tan for the picture,” but none of that compares to the real transformation, which occurred between Rachel’s ears.

When I first met Rachel little did I know sitting across from me was someone who would dramatically change. At Real Results, we encounter many people that say they want to change, but like they quote goes, “It’s much easier said than done.” This last year Rachel has had her share of challenges, physically, mentally, and emotionally, but she faced them all head on. She made a decision and firmly made up her mind that no matter how long the process took, how hard it was, or how much work was involved, she would remain focused and committed to her goal.

Years ago, Rachel was a former athlete and when I discovered that fact about her I said, “Ok, well that changes things. Now I have high expectations for you.”And at that moment something clicked.

How she looked, how she felt and how she had been living prior to beginning REAL 90, was not who she really was at the core. Rachel is an ATHLETE and longed to reconnect with herself again.

On my end, I never let up on her. If a number of days or a week went by and I didn’t see Rachel at Real Results I was on the phone asking her where she’d been.She never made excuses. She owned up to her mistakes, and was always determined to get back on track.

Money for her gym membership was even hard to come by at one point in time last year.But that didn’t stop her. Rachel’s intention was clear. I remember her saying to me that coming to the gym was too important and that even though the cost was out of her budget, she would find a way to make it happen. And she did.

After 8 months into the Real 90 weight loss program she was down 20lbs, but still not satisfied.Rachel wanted to take it all the way. Forty pounds was the number.

She refocused on her commitment even harder.We all started seeing her at the gym all the time.She let go of drinking. She started a new business. And the pounds kept coming off.  And guess what?? She achieved her goal! Rachel lost 40lbs and gained a new life.

Rachel is now one of the fittest people at Real Results. She has competed and finished obstacles course races, and is now playing basketball and sports again. She even started her own marketing company during this process.

So what’s next for Rachel? Her goal now is to get her cardiovascular strengths to the highest level possible.

We have no doubts whatsoever that she will accomplish whatever she sets her mind too.

And oh yeah, business number two is in the works.

We are all endlessly proud of you Rachel and are grateful to have you part of the Real Results family. You are truly an inspiration to all the members, the staff and the coaches at Real Results.

Paul aka The Yoda of Fitness